Charlie is one of those people who introduces himself as a writer, and then explains he has a regular day job to pay for his writing addiction. He's really bad at dating, but okay at writing. He has an MFA in Fiction from Florida State University's Creative Writing Program and an MA in Contemporary History from the University of Sussex. He has worked as a comic book editor, a deckhand on a ferry, an animal camp counselor, a political writer, and a sex addiction therapy office administrator. Born in Missouri, raised in California, seasoned in New York, grad school in Tallahassee, grad school again in the UK, and now he lives in Los Angeles. He hoodwinked the US-UK Fulbright Commission into making him a 2015-2016 scholar, which he’s really hoping they’re not starting to regret. 

Other Work

I wrote an awful gosh-darn lot about the 2016 Presidential election for Bustle.com. These two articles are some of the ones I’m most proud of.

I also have some random articles up on Thrillist and Greatist.

You can read a short story I wrote called "Say Yes," published by the Quail Bell Review by clicking here.

You can listen to a couple of short radio essays that were broadcast on WFSU-FM by clicking here.

My friend Anna and I co-write a fashion blog about Star Trek: The Next Generation, which you should check out here.

You can check out Charlie's web site at www.charliebeckerman.com.



The music for Serial Dater UK is by the totally enrapturing group TONGUES., from Glasgow, Scotland. You can find their EP, Fight, on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Head to www.tonguesmusic.com to see a music video for their single, “Not Like the Real Thing.”

Season 1 of Serial Dater got its tunes from the super awesome synthpop collective PROM DATE, who were based out of New Orleans, LA. You can still buy their album, Portraits, by clicking here, and you should watch their video for “Good Morning Boyfriend” on YouTube! Also they're really good at wearing awesome jackets.