Episode 4 - The Texter

Hi everyone! Welcome back to SERIAL DATER for Episode 4! In this episode, we wax philosophic about communication, talk about how texting has affected dating, get inundated with text messages, and see a celebrity! At least, as someone who is a liberal minded thirty-year-old, we consider him a celebrity.

A couple of announcements! If you've been enjoying the music heard on SERIAL DATER, you should definitely check out the amazing people who are behind it, the synthpop collective PROM DATE. And if you're in the Midwest/South, they're going on a huge tour this spring! Definitely go and check them out—they are the definition of rad!

Also, friend of the podcast and voice of the dates, Adam Enright, will be performing in NYC in June as part of 2SCOOPS, the recently reunited, entirely fictional 90's R&B Girl Group. You should follow them on Twitter and grab a ticket to their show at Joe's Pub. They are amazing! 

To read more hilarious interpretations of text messages, check out Katie Heaney's "Between The Texts" column on The Hairpin. I've linked to the earliest one here, but there are dozens more, so be sure to set aside a good chunk of time because these are hilarious. 

As always, any social media love you can give us makes us so, so, so happy! And we take it in any form, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, whatevr! See what I did there? Also, any ratings/reviews you have time to write on iTunes or Stitcher are also enormously appreciated! Thanks friends!

From Episode 4, the Threat of Text Message Misinterpretation System

From Episode 4, the Threat of Text Message Misinterpretation System

Posted on April 15, 2015 .