Episode 2 - The Firestarter

Has it only been a week since Episode 1 came out? I feel like it’s been at least a year. But hey! At least I’m not blowing the schedule yet! That’s very exciting!

In this episode, we repeat our too-many-dates-in-one-week past, get a little hot under the collar, and have to ask the existential question—is this even a date?

A bunch of extra thanks and nods here: first up, thanks to Alastair James Murden who played the roles of Sam, Tim and Joey. You can learn more about him at his web site. Major props also to Matthew Hall, who voiced Robbie—find more of Matthew’s work by clicking here.

Thanks again to TONGUES. whose tunes continue to rock our world. Make sure you give them a listen without me yammering over their awesomeness: you can find their stuff at Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, and on the web at www.tonguesmusic.com.

If for some reason you haven’t seen Sister Act 1 or 2, they’re both available on Hulu, as is Die Hard 1, which is arguably the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Die Hard 2: Die Harder, is available to stream with a Cinemax Subscription through Amazon. You’ll have to pony up cash to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, but it’s available to buy everywhere. You can stream the entirety of Queen Elizabeth II’s 2015 Christmas message on YouTube. You can find Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety on Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.

Another tip of the hat to the folks of Prom Date who let me use their tune “Good Morning, Boyfriend” again as a throwback to season 1. You can still buy it at Bandcamp!

And of course, major thanks to friend of the podcast Anna Marquardt did our super sexy end credits theme! Check out Anna’s web site here, and you can also check out our greatest co-achievement, Fashion It So, the internet’s pre-eminent blog dedicated to the fashions of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which the two of us write together.

Posted on November 16, 2018 .